Report by Hans-Peter Schwab

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Here many Swiss marine engineers worked or served their apprenticeship

31. 01.2012: The smaller work halls with the galleries behind the assembly hall are already demolished. On the right a piece of the old galleries is still seen

31.01.2012 The Diesel engine exhaust silencers

31.01.2012: A view under the floor of a gallery

27.02.2012: The large 100 ton crane is still on his tracks

08.03.2012: Half of the hall is now demolished

09.03.2012: The 100 ton crane is lifted off

09.03.2012: The first half of the crane is swung out and lowered

12.03.2012: The work is done with a powerful hydraulic cutter

12.03.2012: The hydraulic cutter attacks

12.03.2012: After 40 minutes the two parts of the flat roof are gone, approximately 12 x 20 m each side

12.03.2012: After one hour a part of the roof of about 20 x 35 m is removed

13.03.2012: A good picture of the large cutter (Manufacturer: Komatsu, Japan)

14.03.2012: The complete roof has disappeared

14.03.2012: A view of the rear part of the site, where the smaller fabrications halls were located. The small house in the back is the "Building 1834", in which Sulzer Brothers started in the year 1834


15.03.2012: One of the main longitudinal beams is cut down. In about 5 minutes the cutter has cut the beam, about 1.3 m high

15.03.2012: The beam falls down

15.03.2012: The southern front will be left for integration into the new building. Manually two labourers remove small parts and wooden planks from the crane tracks

16.03.2012: The remaining south front is provisionally supported and fixed to the ground


22.03.2012: The old construction is cleared of all unwanted parts and ready for restauration